Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quick dip: Datu Puti vinegar

Over the holiday season, famous vinegar brand Datu Puti sold a set of their vinegar variants. We were fortunate to buy one and even luckier to taste all the sour concoctions.

First, the Sukang Tuba (coconut sap vinegar, recommended for garlicky and sweet sausages): it has an initial chemical taste reminiscent of the plastic balloon we played with when we were kids. The acidity is too sharp, and the taste is bordering on rancid.

Next, Sukang Pula (red cane vinegar, recommended for fried fish): its acidity is not sharp, and it has a fragrant hints of an almost floral flavor. Quite good actually.

Then, the Sukang Iloko (sugarcane vinegar, recommended for bagnet or fried pork belly): acidic with a pronounced wine taste.

Next, Sukang Sinamak (spiced vinegar, recommended for grilled food): good mixture of acidity, sweetness from the onions, and the right amount of kick from the chilies and peppercorns. Delicious.

Lastly, the Pinoy Spice (spiced coconut sap vinegar, recommended for okoy): surprisingly, the heat of this variant is tame. The taste of the chilies themselves, not just the kick, is significant.

Try these vinegar variants and judge for yourself.

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