Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick slice and sip at Momma Brown

We were craving dessert and coffee one afternoon and decided to finally drop by Momma Brown.

We ordered some of their bestsellers: a cup of Café Mocha, a Red Velvet cupcake, and a Peanut Butter cookie.

The Café Mocha (Php 105) had the right thickness and richness, making the drink hearty and comforting. The sweetness was just right, just like the mixture of the flavors of the coffee and chocolate. A little more bitterness would've made it even better.

Next, the Red Velvet Cupcake (Php 75). The cupcake itself was a little dry and tasted a little stale. But the cream cheese frosting was delicious! Good balance of saltiness, sweetness, and a little acidity from the cream cheese. Yummy!

Last on our plate, a Peanut Butter Cookie (Php 25). The cookie wasn't too hard to bite into; it crumbled well. It had authentic peanut butter flavor. It wasn't saccharine and had hints of saltiness from the chopped peanuts.

Aside from the food we ordered, we also like the place. The decor was cute and homey. We just found the café a tad too big and spaciou; we preferred a more intimate and cozier place.

Based on our first visit and experience, we will definitely come back.

Momma Brown is along Marcos Highway, Marikina City side.

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