Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First bite at Concho's

Place: Open and spacious. The chairs are a little cheap looking, but the tables are sturdy and modern.

Food: Nothing extraordinary. The food doesn't taste bad, but it's not great and unforgettable.

First on our table is the Concho's Sisig Super Meal (Php 170): a small serving of the sisig, the restaurant's specialty, with fried egg, rice, vinegar, a glass of iced tea and a cup of their dessert of the day (It's Mango Sago on the day of our visit).

The sisig's flavor is monotonous. All we can taste are onions. No meaty flavor, no deep, slightly bitter flavor one can sense from good sisig. The slightly fruity acidity of the vinegar is not even enough to add dimension to the dish. Also, the sisig is a little too wet.

Next, the Dynamite (Php 130): finger chilies stuffed with beef and cheese, fried inside rice paper, served with a honey-mustard dip. This one is delicious. The flavor is balanced, nothing is too salty or overpowering. The dip is good, although a cheesy dip would be better, or aioli. 

For dessert, we have the Mango Sago (Php 60 if ordered separately): tiny tapioca balls with ripe mango chunks, all swimming in a sweet, creamy, milk sauce. This one is delicious, a little addicting actually. It's not sugary sweet. The vibrant mango flavor is highlighted. Yummy!

Price: Considering taste, food quality, and serving size, we find the food here a little overpriced. Also, we weren't issued an official receipt. Naughty, naughty...

Service: Waiters are attentive. We just wish they'd smile more.

Concho's (House of Sisig Goodness) is along the famous Lilac St., Marikina City.

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