Sunday, December 7, 2014

First taste: Toby's Estate and Bucky's

We were in SM Aura one afternoon and spotted a relatively new coffee corner: Toby's Estate. We just had a hearty lunch and needed some hot drink, and maybe a bite or two of something sweet.

We asked the barista what she would recommend for first-timers. She suggested either the Flat White or the Mocha. We chose the Mocha (Php 160). We also spotted some Bucky's on the counter so we got an Original Bucky (Php 70) and a piece of the Big Poppa Bucky (Bucky's with cream cheese and bacon, Php 70).

The Mocha was good, delicious. The flavors of the double shot of ristretto and Ghana chocolate blended well. The milk added the right amount of sweetness and gave the drink a velvety texture. Actually, the barista told us that their milk is what makes their drinks different from those of other coffee shops; she said that they don't heat their milk too much in order to retain its sweetness.

Now for the Bucky's (hybrid of a flourless chocolate cake and a brownie). They were moist and of high quality. Each bite though had a strong vanilla/lemony flavor. It was overpowering, and this overpowering taste made it a little difficult for us to sense the other components.

Toby's Estate, along with Bucky's, is at SM Aura.

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