Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Buttermilk Christmas Plate

It's the Christmas offering of Kenny Rogers Roasters.

The meal features the new Buttermilk Chicken, served with rice, a Puffin (another new treat, similar to a macaroon), and two side dishes, the Blueberry Pasta Salad and the Potato Gratin.

The new chicken variant is a fraud; it is NOT buttermilk. It is regular roast chicken that comes with a cheesy dip (similar to the sauce of their Mac & Cheese side dish). Cheese is NOT buttermilk! Sure, the chicken is juicy and well seasoned, and the dip is tasty, but, again, CHEESE IS NOT BUTTERMILK.

As for the side dishes, they're both delicious. Their flavors are authentic and their ingredients are of high quality.

The Puffin is OK, not bad. 

Try the "Buttermilk" Christmas Plate and judge for yourself.

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