Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First lick at Jipangyi

We were in the mall one morning and something caught our eye...

Yellow umbrella-looking puffed crisps! We approached the stand and learned that these puffed snacks are for holding ice cream. Our interest got piqued so we bought one for Php 35.

The food stand was of Jipangyi Seoul Ice Cream, a Korean treat that promotes corn puff cones as healthier alternatives to the traditional sugar cone for enjoying ice cream. They serve two ice cream flavors, vanilla and chocolate, injected into a big, cane-shaped corn puff.

Was it good? It was OK, not bad. The ice cream was a tad too milky; we could barely taste the vanilla and chocolate. The corn puff was good, delicious. It wasn't too salty. It also had good texture, light and very crispy.

Drop by the lower ground floor of Robinsons Metro East and try Jipangyi Seoul Ice Cream. 

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