Thursday, October 30, 2014

First bite at TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

Place: Elegant, classy. Tables are spacious, chairs are comfortable. The decor is tasteful. The "garden wall" is a lovely sight.

Food: Generally delicious. We ordered the specialties of the restaurant. We had a TuanTuan Noodle Soup Set, some TuanTuan Signature Snow Buns, and a glass of the Thai Iced Tea.

The TuanTuan Noodle Soup Set (Php 388 or Php 428, depending on the soup base): it's like do-it-yourself soup. So one chooses the soup base, which already has some cabbage, bean curd, and mushrooms, two toppings, and noodles. The noodle soup set comes with either a cup of TuanTuan's pride, the Hong Kong Style Coffee, or a glass of Cantonese Lemon Tea. Finally, if one desires, side dishes can be added, for an additional cost.

We chose the Original Fish Soup as our base (featuring the resto's Signature Halibut Soup). Then we had enoki mushrooms and mini xiao long bao pieces as our two toppings. For our noodles, we chose Lanzhou flat noodles. Then we picked the Hong Kong Style coffee as the accompanying drink. Then we added some Deep Fried Spring Rolls (Php 98) as our side dish.

The noodle soup was better than we expected. There's a faint fishy smell but this fishy component became fainter when we tasted the soup. The soup had the right thickness, making it hearty. The two topping we chose were fresh and delicious. The xiao long bao was packed and flavorful. The flat noodles were of high quality and didn't become too soft despite the heat of the soup.

The Deep Fried Spring Rolls were delicious. The savory meat taste was pronounced and punctuated, and there were no pungent flavors. The vinegar dip was a little sweet and it complemented the spring rolls well.

Then, we had the Signature Snow Buns (Php 128): savory pork barbecue in a freshly baked bun. Now this one was our favorite. The bun was not sweet, so it didn't compete with the taste of its filling (unlike Tim Ho Wan's overrated pork buns). It also crumbled well, really good texture. The filling was good, although not great and unforgettable. But it was delicious enough for us to enjoy and like it, not to mention come back for it.

Next, the Hong Kong Style Coffee: we asked our waitress Charm what specifically is the "Hong Kong" component of the coffee. She said that the coffee beans comes from Hong Kong and the Black and White milk used for the concoction is famous in the said place (it is used for Hong Kong milk tea). Now, was the coffee good? Well, we didn't like it. The coffee was too acidic. We liked its velvety texture though.

Finally, the Thai Iced Tea (Php 128). It had enough woodsy flavor to be called tea, but it was too saccharine to be enjoyed. Appealing consistency and color though.

Price: Considering food quality, taste, and serving size, prices are reasonable. The bill includes a 10% service charge.

Service: Generally OK. Our servers were really nice and friendly. There were times though when they couldn't answer our questions about their fare.

 TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie is on the 3rd floor of the Mega Fashion Hall.  

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  1. Wow! I like all the food photos. I will go and try it on Sunday with my family. Fish soup is healthier than ramen soup.