Saturday, September 13, 2014

Food Trip Rice Bowls

KFC presents the newest addition to its chicken choices: the Food Trip Rice Bowls, featuring Spanish Salpicao and Japanese Teriyaki. Basically, they're bowls of rice, topped with Fun or Hot Shots, then smothered with your sauce of choice. 

Are they good? Well, considering KFC is a FAST FOOD joint, the rice bowls don't taste bad. The flavors are authentic enough (again, for a fast food place). The sauces are just a little, just a little, salty. But the salpicao has real hints of sautéed garlic flavor, and the teriyaki has hints of that sweet-gingery-liquor taste of true teriyaki. Also, the sauces have good consistency.

The slaw that comes with the Japanese Teriyaki Rice Bowl is a good side and provides balance to the meal (tempers the saltiness). The mushrooms that come with Spanish Salpicao seem to be straight from the can. If they were sautéed or cooked with the sauce, they would taste better. What we really like though is the brown-colored rice; it's tasty, really tasty.

 A serving of a Food Trip Rice Bowl costs Php 90.

Try and judge for yourself.

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  1. Yuck dots nut even salpicao here in Espana the salpicao is nut like that its' even more cheaper done dot one it is like is like 50 boxs only with plus extra service of 1 copita of brown rice for no payment