Monday, September 1, 2014

First taste at St. Marc Café

A known Japanese coffee shop opens a branch in SM's Mega Fashion Hall: St. Marc Café. We heard the starting buzz around this place so we decided to drop by and give their food a try.

We ordered three bestsellers (according to the cashier): a Small serving of Vietnam Coffee, a piece of Chococro (the place's signature treat), and a cup of the Kyoto Delight.

The Vietnam Coffee (Php 120, Small) was too bitter, making the drink too overpowering to be enjoyed.

The Chococro (Php 55) was a small croissant with chocolate filling. The croissant was a little bland, and unevenly baked; one half was a tad hard, it felt like eating otap, while the other half was soft. The chocolate filling was OK; it had good thickness and color. The taste? It wasn't bad, but its flavor was not great enough to be unforgettable.

The Kyoto Delight (Php 250) was a dessert item with vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream, cubes of sponge cake, cornflakes two kinds of mochi, and red bean paste. We had mixed reactions about this one. The vanilla ice cream was too sweet, but the green tea one had authentic flavor. The red bean paste was OK, delicious actually. The bigger mochi, the brown one, had a weird texture, while the white one was not cooked fully, hilaw sa loob. As for the sponge cake and cornflakes, well, they were ordinary.

Price: Considering taste and serving size, prices are reasonable.

Place: Decor was classy and stylish. The place though is a little dark.

Service: The waiters need to train more. Some were slow, some were clueless.

Based on our first-time experience, we say we don't mind not coming back to this place soon.

St. Marc Café is on the first level of the Mega Fashion Hall.

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