Thursday, August 14, 2014

First bite: The Cookie Creamery Co.

We were in the mall afternoon and were looking for after-lunch dessert. We chanced upon the nook of The Cookie Creamery Co. and decided to try their sweet fare.

The place offers cookie sandwiches (gigantic cookies with either ice cream or frosting filling). We tried a couple of these sandwiches: we had Red Velvet cookies with cream cheese ice cream as filling, Peanut Butter cookies with an espresso-cream cheese frosting as filling, and Classic Chocolate Chip cookies filled with salted caramel frosting. The we ordered a cup of coffee, which came with a Double Chocolate cookie.

In general, the cookies were good; they're of high quality, moist, and not sugary. Their flavors were authentic, although the Red Velvet was just a tad bland. Our favorite was the Peanut Butter; it was yummy! As for the cream cheese ice cream, it was indeed creamy and had subtle hints of cheese flavor. We loved the frosting fillings more, especially the salted caramel one! That was a winner. There was good balance between the salty and sweet components. The other one, the espresso-cream cheese also was well balanced; not one ingredient was overpowering the others. It had good texture too.

The coffee was not bad; it's like the one from McDonalds, only a tad less robust. But we liked the fact that it wasn't acidic. And good presentation too! Classy.

An ice cream cookie sandwich costs Php 75, while a frosting one costs Php 55. The coffee costs Php 65 (comes with a big cookie). Prices are very reasonable, considering the quality and serving size of the cookie sandwiches. Hey, if you're on a date and on a budget, you can share one cookie sandwich and have a sweet, romantic, and inexpensive dessert treat.

The Cookie Creamery Co. is on the ground floor of SM City Marikina.

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  1. Hi Melody! I borrowed your picture (the very first one showing TCCC's spot in SM Marikina for my blog review and I mentioned your blog too in the credits. Thank you.