Monday, August 25, 2014

First bite at Earth Kitchen

Known for serving good organic food, Earth Kitchen has been creating quite a buzz among health-conscious food lovers. And it is this buzz that made us drop by and try their fare one afternoon.

We tried four items on their menu: Mushroom Ravioli, Braised Pork Belly Soft Tacos, Beef Kebab, and a pitcher of Fresh Dalandan Juice.

The Mushroom Ravioli (Php 370): fresh pasta envelopes filled with a creamy concoction of kesong puti, shiitake, button, and milky mushrooms, smothered with a creamy and buttery sauce, topped with pili nuts. It was delicious. The woodsy flavor of the filling was subtle yet punctuated. The grated quezo de bola of the sauce added the right amount of bite and saltiness to the dish. The pasta was also well cooked and well seasoned. The pili nuts were negligible tastewise, but its crunch was a good texture addition.

Next, the Braised Pork Belly Soft Tacos (Php 250): tender pork, mixed with cucumbers, cilantro, and crushed peanuts, laced with hoisin sauce, all nestling on fresh, soft tortilla. Nice mix of textures and crisp flavors. The sauce though was just a tad too sweet. Good thing the vegetables tempered this sweetness.

Then, the Beef Kebab (Php 360): tender, really tender, boneless beef from the ribs, served with tzatziki, a creamy cheesy dip, grilled vegetables, and organic Ifugao rice pilaf. Now this one was delicious! All the components complemented each other really well. Actually, we couldn't choose which part of the dish was our favorite. The beef was moist, juicy, and well marinated. The tzatziki was vibrant and refreshing to the palate (although we doubted whether yogurt was used for it). The dip was amply salty and had good thickness. And the rice was perfectly spiced.

For our drink, we tried the Fresh Dalandan Juice (Php 240). It was dalandan juice, all right, but we highly doubted if it was fresh. It reminded us of Tang, with a little less sugar.

Price: Based on taste and serving size, we found the food overpriced (we suspect that the term "organic" is being used as an excuse to make food too expensive).

Place: The place is bright with natural light, cool with its high ceiling, and quaintly furnished with rustic decor.

Service: The waiters were alert and efficient. We just wished they smiled more.

Earth Kitchen is along Katipunan Ave., at White Plains, Quezon City.   

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