Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garlic Butter Chicken

It's the newest chicken variant from Kenny Rogers.

Roasted chicken with a garlic butter sauce [allegedly] made of butter, lemon zest, garlic slices, and marble potatoes. This new chicken comes with new side dishes: Apple Jicama Salad and Garlic Chorizo Pasta.

The chicken itself does not have the garlic butter flavor, so the sauce is a must. This sauce is tasty, although we don't think it is buttery enough. And we find it weird that it has hints of mushroom flavor (we suspect that the place uses those instant mushroom soup mixes to make the sauce). And the garlic component is not that pronounced. Also, the sauce is a little too watery.

The Apple Jicama Salad features slices of red apple, jicama (singkamas), celery, and carrots. We like the crispness of the vegetables and fruits. This side dish adds vibrancy to the chicken meal.

The Garlic Chorizo Pasta is a bit of a letdown. The fusilli is al dente, but the sauce is not flavorful. The garlic and chorizo tastes are too subtle to be enjoyed. We even suspect that they are not using chorizo but some cheaper processed meat alternative.

A Garlic Butter Chicken Plate (chicken, 2 side dishes, rice, and muffin) costs Php 230.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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