Thursday, June 5, 2014

First bite: KyoChon

We were in Megamall one afternoon and were bored. So we decided to sign up and go to the grand opening of KyoChon, a Korean resto that serves flavored fried chicken.

KyoChon offers four "Series" or variants of fried chicken: Kyochon Original (soy-garlic), Kyochon Honey, Kyochon Red (chili), and Kyochon Soonsal (fried chicken with puffed rice and breadcrumbs coating). We ordered a Small serving of the Original Series, wings (Php 149). Then we ordered some Kimchi Fried Rice (Php 99) and a glass of Barley Tea (Php 70).

The chicken wings were fried well; the skin was crispy and the meat was moist. But the chicken was too salty. And contrary to KyoChon's claim, theirs is not chicken we've never tasted before; its taste wasn't unforgettable and unfamiliar. 

The Kimchi Fried Rice was delicious; good mixture of tanginess and heat. Lastly, the Barley Tea: it was delicious; it had deep and woodsy flavor. We wondered though why we had to pay for this drink when other restaurants (Ramen Nagi, Yabu, Teriyaki Boy) serve the same tea for free.

The waiters were neat-looking and nice but they got our order, even our bill, messed up. More training, we say.

Despite our experience, we're willing to go back to this place and try more of their fare. But not soon; too many KPop fans are flocking the place...Hehe.

KyoChon is in SM Megamall.

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