Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Bite: Bronuts

We were in SM Megamall one afternoon when we saw a little crowd in front of a stall. We decided to check what the “commotion” was all about. We realized that the people were flocking the corner of Bronuts, a food shop that sells croughnuts (the croissant-doughnut) hybrid.


Because of the samples Bronuts was giving away, we were able to try the Blueberries and Cream and Super Floss variants. We then bought a piece of the Cream Cheese and Bacon to bring home.

Were they good? Uhm, no. The bread itself was bland. The flavors were not authentic. From the tiny amount that we were able to taste (because there was barely any filling), the blueberry filling of the Blueberries and Cream was a tad too artificial, and the cream, a little too sugary.

The Super Floss was O-K. The pork shavings had enough meat flavor in them. The Cream Cheese and Bacon was a letdown. First, there was barely any bacon. Second, the cream was not cream cheese; it was sour cream, really sour cream. Finally, those brown bits on top tasted like nothing.

A piece of Bronut costs Php 110, whatever the flavor (if it has flavor).

Try it and judge for yourself.

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