Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bayani Brew

Some all-natural, all Filipino iced tea y'all!

Presenting, Bayani Brew iced tea, from the Gawad Kalinga group (makers of Human Nature products).  Bayani Brew has two variants: Kick-Ass Lemongrass and Purple Leaf. The first one is a concoction made with lemongrass and pandan, and the second is made with camote tops and lemongrass.  Both are flavored with calamansi and brown sugar.

As printed on the label, Bayani Brew's taste is honest, natural, nothing artificial. The flavors are distinct and pronounced, but not overpowering. And the sweetness is just right; it complements the citrus component and the earthy taste of the tea.

Each bottle that you buy helps support Gawad Kalinga communites and business that's based on sustainable development. So, you can really feel good while drinking Bayani Brew. 

A bottle costs Php 75.

Try it and judge for yourself.  

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