Sunday, April 20, 2014

First bite at Magnum Manila

Place: Classy and clean. Beautiful furnishings, light fixtures, and color combination. Dining area is spacious.

Food: Ordinary. We had the Red Velvet and three customized Magnum Bars.

The Red Velvet (Php 250) featured a slice of red velvet cake served cream cheese sauce, chocolate sauce, and a halved Magnum bar. Twas O-K. The cake was not fresh, the Magnum was, as expected, a tad sweet, and the chocolate was too milky and sugary. The only saving grace of this dessert was the cream cheese sauce; it had the right combination of sharpness and tanginess.

We also had three customized Magnum bars (Php 100 each). We recommend the quezo de bola, honeycomb, and pistachio toppings. As for the chocolate drizzles and coating, well, we've never liked Magnum's "Belgian" chocolate anyway.

Minus points: at the onset of our visit, our server (called "Pleasure Maker") told us that three dessert concoctions weren't available. Also, these Pleasure Makers didn't look neat and clean; they looked like they just woke up or came from a night of partying.

Price: Considering taste, food was overpriced.

Service: Twas OK. Waiters were friendly, attentive, and quick on their feet. But again, they didn't look neat.

Magnum Manila is on the 5th level of SM Aura.

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  1. Ewww, the M logo si so grows, it's made with the popsicle sticks of the customers. They should be sewed for cleaninity of the restaurant