Friday, March 21, 2014

First slice at Parvati

We were in TriNoMa one afternoon and dropped by Parvati to try their bestselling desserts. Our waiter recommended the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes and Pistachio Sans Rival.

The Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (Php 200/slice) features a buttery crust, an ice cream body, a thin layer of custard, and a whipped egg-white top. It had all the flavors of the classic dessert, just a tad too sweet. Plus, the crust was crumbly, making the dessert quite messy to eat. We like the velvety texture of the ice cream though.

The Pistacho Sans Rival (Php 130/slice) features layers of meringue, nuts, and buttercream. This dessert had good mixture of textures. The buttercream though was too saccharine. And the pistachio flavor was negligible.

We got free cups of brewed coffee for the dessert we bought (1 free cup for every Php 100). The coffee was good. And we liked that we were given brown sugar for it.

Now, about the place. Well, the restaurant is cute and well lighted. The floor needs some updating though (too many cracked tiles).

What about the service? Well, nothing ruins dessert more than a waiter who always wears a frown (not to mention a messy uniform). Smiling won't hurt you, Mr. Waiter.

Parvati is on the ground floor of TriNoMa.

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