Monday, March 31, 2014

First sip at Third District

Place: Nice furnishings and decor. There's a good combination of wooden and metallic elements that exudes modernity. The music though was too loud. Overall, the place was not too homey.

Food: Disappointing. We had a cup of Latté, an order of Vanilla Buttermilk pancakes, and some Dark Magic gelato.

The Latté (Php 140) came in a pretty cup with a matching saucer. It tasted ordinary, commonplace; we could think of other places that same-tasting coffee for a lower price. The caffeinated concoction was slightly acidic. The texture though was good. By the way, they use coffee from Canada.

The Vanilla Buttermilk pancakes (Php 150) featured two pancakes, smothered with lemon syrup and tart fruit (blueberry?) compote. It was too much! The two fruit flavors were strong and were overpowering each other! Then you add vanilla...Yikes!

Lastly, the Dark Magic artisan gelato (Php 95): bittersweet chocolate with a splash of mint. Twas O-K. The texture though made us question whether the treat was gelato or not. We expected the texture to be smooth, but there were frozen, icy bits. Guess it ain't so "artisan" after all. By the way, the gelato came from Afters.

Considering the taste of our food and drinks, we deemed the prices unreasonable.

Service: The barista looked intimidating (he looked like a bouncer!) and wasn't smiling so that ain't so welcoming. The cashier was a little clueless and confused.

Third District is at 41 Esteban Abada St., corner Alvero St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

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