Sunday, February 16, 2014

First taste: Sesame Joy Chicken

It's Kenny Rogers Roasters latest chicken variant.

Roasted chicken, marinated with a sweet-hot concoction, and dappled with sesame seeds.

How is it? It's O-K. The meat is moist and juicy. The heat is well pronounced. We wish that the chicken's taste had a more Asian taste to it (five-spice, hoisin sauce, or oyster sauce), or had a little more sweetness, to temper the heat. And it would be better if the chicken had the authentic nutty and deep sesame flavor.

This new chicken variant comes with two new side dishes: Pasta Explosion and Happy Potato. The former has pasta with fruit and vegetable slices, all smothered with cream. It's bland. The latter features marble potatoes [allegedly] tossed with a sweet soy-garlic sauce. We barely tasted any garlic.

All in all, the Sesame Joy Chicken plate filled our tummy but left our taste buds unsatisfied.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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