Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First bite: Osaka Ohsho

We went to SM Megamall's Fashion Hall one morning to drop by Osaka Ohsho, a Japanese restaurant that boasts of serving the "world's no. 1 gyoza."

We ordered two set meals: the Black Vinegar Chicken Koshihikari Set and the [Black] Chahan with Chicken Teriyaki Set. These two sets come with a bowl of miso soup, a small serving of fruit (pineapple and watermelon), and three pieces of the Original gyoza. We also ordered a mug of Matcha Milk Smoothie.

The Black Vinegar Chicken Koshihikari (Php 360) features the Original gyoza and the black vinegar chicken. It comes with white rice. The gyoza tastes fresh; the ginger component however is a tad too pronounced. There are three dipping sauces for the gyoza: miso, classic, and chili oil. The third one is the best, for it's not just hot but also nutty, thanks to the sesame oil. The miso is OK, not too salty. The classic is a little acidic.

The Black Vinegar Chicken is basically sweet and sour fried chicken. It's just darker than usual. But its taste is similar to the aforementioned common dish. The chicken is well seasoned, juicy, and flavorful. The sauce is not interesting nor mind-blowing.

The Chahan with Chicken Teriyaki set (Php 395) features the Black Chahan and, well, chicken teriyaki.  The chahan is delicious; its flavors are balanced and punctuated. Each spoonful is satisfying. The Chicken Teriyaki is disappointing because the chicken isn't fresh; it's a tad rancid. Also, the dish lacks the right amounts of sweet, nutty, and gingery flavors to be truly called teriyaki.

As for the other components: the miso soup is OK, nothing really special about it. The fruits are fresh, sweet, and juicy.

The Matcha Milk Smoothie (Php 125) is too sweet and milky, drowning all the deep and robust matcha taste.

All in all, the food is amply delicious, but it's not great enough to make us go back.

Considering serving size and taste, food here is overpriced. By the way, food prices are NOT VAT incusive, so be careful.

The place is nicely furnished and well lighted. The music is too loud.

The waiters are friendly and neat looking. We just wished that they stopped shouting to welcome and to thank guests.

Osaka Ohsho is on the 3rd level of SM Megamall's Fashion Hall.

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