Thursday, January 9, 2014

Primer bocado en Brasas

We were in the mall one morning looking for something interesting for lunch.  We saw a small restaurant offering Latin street food: Brasas.  We found their fare interesting enough so we decided to stay and try their food.

We ordered the Pollo Asado Platter, (pequeño size), the Brasas Street Burger, and the Papitas Con Limon.

The Pollo Asado Platter (Php 180) has charcoal-grilled chicken over Spanish rice, served with South American slaw, a piece of Patacones, and Chimichurri.

The grilled chicken was marinated with a cilantro-based sauce (possibly the Chimichurri; our waiter wasn't certain.).  It was tender, moist, and amply flavorful.  It had the right amount of burnt flavor, coupled with the vibrancy of the cilantro.  The Spanish rice was bland enough to highlight the meat.  It was well cooked, fluffy, and not too oily.  The vegetables of the slaw were crisp and fresh, and they were made tasty by its dressing, the Chimichurri, which was also the dip for the chicken.  It's a sweet-sour, pasty sauce, with cilantro as its base.  We expected it to be pungent, but it wasn't.  The flavor of the cilantro was tempered enough to make the sauce a delight to eat.  The Patacones that came with the dish was a big flower of fried plantain chips.  It was bland.

The Brasas Street Burger (Php 260) featured a beef patty topped with tomatoes, sautéed onions, lettuce, and some Monterey Jack.  All of these ingredients were between toasted Kaiser buns.  The burger was served with papitas or fried potato chips.

The burger was delicious.  The burger was juicy and bursting with a spicy-yet-unpunctuated flavor, like cajun.  It complemented the sweet taste of the onions and the acidity of the tomato.  Bringing home the flavor was the saltiness of the cheese.  Each bite left us satisfied.  YUMMY!

The Papitas Con Limon (Php 90): thin potato chips flavored with salt and splashes of lime juice.  A bit of a letdown.  The chips were a tad oily, and there was too much lime juice.

The place reflected the food the restaurant serves: solid furnishing and earthy colors.  Lighting was warm and homey.  And the music?  Fantastic!

Our waiter was really nice and friendly, although he was not knowledgeable enough about the food.

Brasas is at The Block, SM North EDSA.

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