Sunday, January 5, 2014

First bite at B&B: Burgers & Brewskies

One afternoon, we were craving some good burger.  So we drove to BGC to try B&B.  They say their The Nurse Burger is a must-eat, so ordered that we did, with some Chili Cheese Fries and a bottle of beer (Stella Artois).

B&B's signature burger, The Nurse (Php 280), was good.  It had a 1/3 pound beef patty, cooked medium, nestling on a bed of lettuce, smothered with spiced mustard aioli, topped with seared mac & cheese and honey sriracha bacon.  All those sinful ingredients were stuffed between soft buttered buns.  The burger itself was juicy and tender.  It had a slightly unpunctuated spicy cajun flavor.  This taste blended well with the cheesy pasta, sweet smoky bacon, and the sharp aioli.  With these flavors together, each bite left us satisfied.  Our only tiny complaint: the bacon had too much honey and almost no sriracha.  Had the crispy bacon had more balance taste wise, the burger would have been more interesting and fun to the palate.

The Chili Cheese Fries (Php 160): steak fries with the resto's own chili, its own cheese sauce, onions, and sour cream.  This one was also delicious.  The potatoes were fried well; they weren't oily.  The chili was really flavorful.  Nothing was too strong nor too pungent.  Good marriage of tastes.  We wanted a tad more kick though, a spicier chili.  But that's just us.

We ate the burgers and fries with ice-cold beer.  Best decision we made that day.

The place was nice although a little cramped.  The decor and design was stylish, comfortable, and whimsy.

The waiters were nice and accomodating.  Funny too.

B&B: Burgers and Brewskies is at the Forbes Town Center, inside Bonifacio Global Circle. 

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