Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First bite: Gavino's Japanese Donuts

We were in a mall one morning and chanced upon a new addition to its food court: Gavino's Japanese Donuts.  We got intrigued and decided to buy a couple of their bestsellers.

The store attendant gave us a free sample of the Glazed ring doughnut.  Then we bought a Red Velvet Ball and an Ensaymada ring doughnut.

What's unique about Gavino's doughnuts was the texture; it's chewy.  It was like mochi was mixed with the doughnut.  This texture made the treats more fun to eat.

The Glazed was delicious.  The doughnut was fresh and the glaze was not too saccharine.  The Ensaymada had a buttercream frosting and some grated cheese on top.  This one had a good contrast of salty and sweet.  The cheese and the cream complemented each other well.  The Red Velvet Ball was delicious.  The cream cheese filling had the right balance of acidity and saltiness that good red velvet cake frosting should have.

So far, we're impressed with the doughnuts we tried.  There are lots of variants to enjoy so we'll definitely come back for more.

Gavino's Japanese Donuts is at the food court of Robinsons Magnolia.

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