Friday, December 27, 2013

First taste: Ramen Nagi

Place: Clean, well lighted, spacious.  Nice decor and colors.  A bit noisy though.

Food: We ordered the Butao Ramen/Original King (Php 390) and the Green King (Php 410).

Here's how one orders a ramen: the waiter gives you a sheet of paper where you choose how you want your ramen.  You choose the variant you want, then your specifications for the various ramen components.  Do you want the chasyu/pork slice from the shoulder or the belly?  Do you want the "green" or the veggie to be spring onions or cabbage?  Do you want your noodles hard, normal, soft?  How spicy do you want your broth to be?  After making your choices, you give back the paper, with your name on it, then your hot ramen is served after five minutes.

The Butao Ramen is good enough.  The tonkatsu-based broth is tasty, reminds us of sautéed pork.  The noodles are of high quality (we chose "hard").  The veggie components (mushrooms and spring onions) are fresh and add vibrancy to the dish.  The pork is moist and juicy.  Its sweetness complements the saltiness of the broth.

The Green King is delicious!  Why green?  The base of this ramen is pesto: olive oil and basil.  It also has parmesan cheese.  For this one, we've chosen cabbage as the veggie component.  Like with the other ramen, the ingredients are of high quality.  And the broth is hearty and satisfying.  Nice mixture of flavors: sweet pork and basil, salty cheese, and amply bland cabbage and mushrooms.  Yummy!

With our ramen, we're given a glass of their house tea.  Its sweet, deep, and woodsy taste is a delight to the tongue.

Price: Considering taste, size, and quality, prices are reasonable.

Service: Well, our waiter was nice and knowledgeable about their products.  The thing was though, we got greeted, more like shouted at, when we entered and left the place, and it was a little annoying.

Ramen Nagi is on the 5th level of SM Aura Premier.         

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Espresso Chocolate Minibon

It's Cinnabon's latest treat.

Soft, fresh cinnamon roll teeming with deep coffee flavour, topped with brown sugar and chocolate sauce.

Delicious and satisfying.  All the tastes one can ever want in an afternoon snack or dessert are present in every bite.  Also, this treat is perfect for the holidays for every morsel screams Christmas.

A piece costs Php 90.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Honey Citrus Chicken

It's Bon Chon's new fried fowl flavor.

Is it good?  Well, yes.  The thing is though we can't figure out the citrus part.  The honey is easy to sense, and its sweetness complements the chicken taste well.  But the fruit component?  Not too pronounced.

A 1-piece order costs Php 99.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First bite: Gavino's Japanese Donuts

We were in a mall one morning and chanced upon a new addition to its food court: Gavino's Japanese Donuts.  We got intrigued and decided to buy a couple of their bestsellers.

The store attendant gave us a free sample of the Glazed ring doughnut.  Then we bought a Red Velvet Ball and an Ensaymada ring doughnut.

What's unique about Gavino's doughnuts was the texture; it's chewy.  It was like mochi was mixed with the doughnut.  This texture made the treats more fun to eat.

The Glazed was delicious.  The doughnut was fresh and the glaze was not too saccharine.  The Ensaymada had a buttercream frosting and some grated cheese on top.  This one had a good contrast of salty and sweet.  The cheese and the cream complemented each other well.  The Red Velvet Ball was delicious.  The cream cheese filling had the right balance of acidity and saltiness that good red velvet cake frosting should have.

So far, we're impressed with the doughnuts we tried.  There are lots of variants to enjoy so we'll definitely come back for more.

Gavino's Japanese Donuts is at the food court of Robinsons Magnolia.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Delicious treats from Dunkin Donuts.

They're honey-dipped Munchkins covered with rice crispies and chocolate.  YUMMY!  The sweetness is just right and the chocolate is not cringe-inducing; there's a good balance between the semi-sweet chocolate flavor and the milky component.

A box of 6 costs only Php 50.

Try the Crunchkins and judge for yourself.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Cheesy 7 Pizza

It's by Pizza Hut.

Romano, mozzarella, cheddar, Monterey Jack, provolone, parmesan, and cream cheese, all together on top of a fresh crust, served hot and bubbly.

Is it good?  Well, it's not bad, but it ain't great either.  Despite all those cheesy ingredients, the flavor of this new pizza variant is a tad too subtle (it makes us doubt if there are really 7 cheeses on the pizza); it lacks some punch, making it forgettable.

Greenwich has the better multiple-cheese pizza.

Tip: Order the Cheesy 7 with a Thin 'N Crispy crust and some hot sauce.

Try it and judge for yourself.