Friday, November 8, 2013

McDip: Holiday Sweet Pleasures

Delicious and inexpensive Christmas sundae cones y'all!

McDonalds presents 4 YUMMY McDip flavors to coat its smooth, velvety vanilla ice cream: Bubblegum, Ube, Red Velvet, and Chocnut.

The flavors' tastes are authentic; they don't resemble any cough or cold syrup.  The Bubblegum flavor has the right mixture of sweetness and minty coolness.  The Ube is also delicious, its sweetness is subtle.  And it works well with crispy rice puffs (just add Php 5).  

The Chocnut's flavor is surprisingly close to that of the famous Filipino chocolate brand; there's a good marriage of semi-sweet chocolate and nutty tastes.  Equally surprising is the Red Velvet!  It has a pronounced cream cheese frosting flavor,  with a subtle hint of chocolate.  We however find it just a tad too sweet.

A McDip costs Php 15.

Try all flavors and judge for yourself. 

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