Sunday, October 27, 2013

New McFlurry

McDonalds offers two new flavors of their famous McFlurry: Strawberry & Oreo and Cookie Butter.

The Strawberry & Oreo is delicious.  The tart, fruity taste of the strawberry blends well with the slightly bittersweet Oreo cookie bits and sweet vanilla ice cream base.  It's not too sweet, the flavors are just right.

The Cookie Butter McFlurry is O-K; it's not bad, but not great either.   The ginger flavor is a little too pronounced, a tad overpowering.  But we must admit that every spoonful reminds us of Christmas.  We also love nibbling at the cookie bits; the crunch adds good contrast to the creamy ice cream.

Try these new flavors of the McFlurry and judge for yourself.

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