Sunday, September 1, 2013

First bite at WildFlour

We've been trying different cronuts (the ubiquitous croissant and doughnut hybrid) lately and this little gastronomic activity has led us to WildFlour, the place that houses the best cronuts in the metro, according to some people.  So we woke up early and drove to BGC to verify this cronut comment.

The cronuts, we learned, were served between 9 AM and 10 AM.  Having arrived an hour too early, we decided to munch on some Wild Flour goodies while waiting.  We had a plate of Belgian Waffle and an order of Crispy Potatoes.

The Belgian Waffle (Php 340) was huge, topped with generous amounts of banana and candied walnuts and served with really good maple syrup.  The waffle itself was delicious; it was fresh, of high quality, and didn't taste stale.  The banana slices were fresh too.  The walnuts were a bit of a letdown though because some of them were bitter and past their best.

The Crispy Potatoes (Php 160) were delicious!  We loved the texture of the taters, crispy on the outside, mushy on the inside.  Each piece was well seasoned.  And the skins!  Those were a delight to eat.  The sour-cream-bacon dip however was a tad too bland and a little watery.  We asked for ketchup instead.

Now came the hour for the cronuts.  We had a Chocolate cronut and Mixed Berry cronut (Php 120 each).  The bread itself was OK.  It wasn't too sweet, and it really taste like a fresh out of the oven doughnut.  It was a little tough to bite into though.  The Chocolate has bavarian filling that was delicious, good vanilla flavor.  The chocolate frosting was equally nice because of its deep, bittersweet flavor.  The Mixed Berry had good frosting too; the strawberry flavor was authentic and did not resemble cough syrup.  The berry cream filling however was a different story; it tasted like cold sopas for some reason.  It wasn't bad, just not berry, just weird.

So were they the best cronuts?  Hmmm, not for us.  When it comes to texture, Vikings has the best.  For taste, Le Coeur de France.

What made our WildFlour visit more enjoyable was the friendly staff; generally they were nice, cheerful and accommodating (props to Ate Connie, Ate May, Ate Ruth, and Ate Alona!).  They were all smiles, unlike the slightly standoffish receptionist.  These fun waitresses gladly responded to our requests, and even paused for some humorous banter.  And they were so patient (there was this incident with an ignorant customer who clearly didn't know the "rules" about ordering cronuts and yet insisted that he was right.  Ugh.)!

All in all, our first WildFlour experience was good.  Though we found the food a little too pricey, we wouldn't mind indulging once in a while.  Once a month, perhaps?  Or two months. 

WildFlour Café + Bakery is at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  Or is it Makati?  LOL!

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