Saturday, August 24, 2013


It's Tokyo Tokyo's version of a hotdog sandwich.  The chicken hotdog is dipped in batter and fried to crunchy perfection.  The Japadog comes in three variants: Classic, American, and California.  We tried the last two (because the Classic just comes with ketchup and mayo).

The American Japadog has the crunchy hotdog nestling in soft bun, with cheddar cheese, shredded cabbage, ketchup, and Japanese mayo.  It was OK; the hotdog itself tasted like the Jolly Hotdog.  The cheese wasn't too salty, and the cabbage added some vibrancy.  The ketchup wasn't too sharp and blended well with the mayonnaise.

The California Japadog is reminiscent of a California Maki, with its kani slivers.  The hotdog also comes with the shredded cabbage, mayonnaise, and teriyaki sauce.  It was delicious.  At first, we thought that combination of ingredients was weird and expected the taste to be such.  But again, it was delicious.  Good, subtle, fresh flavors.

A thing we liked about the Japadog was the mix of textures: soft bun, crunchy hotdog, crisp cabbage, creamy mayo.  It was fun to eat.

By the way, we ordered the California Japadog with a meal, meaning with Wasabi Fries and Red Iced Tea.  The fries weren't wasabi enough; the distinct flavor of the Japanese classic was too subtle.  The iced tea was too sweet.

The American and California Japadogs cost Php 60 each.  The Classic, Php 50.  Add Php 50 so you can have some fries and a drink with your hotdog sandwich.

Try one and judge for yourself.


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  1. Japadog originated in Vancouver as a streetfood. Nothing like the one in your picture. They have different toppings. Japadog bec the inventor/owner is japanese and has alot of japanese inspired toppings