Monday, August 26, 2013

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Place: Nice style and colors.  We liked the mixture of rustic and modern, with the wooden-slat dividers and wood-looking tables coupled with steel chairs and stainless fixtures.  The place was a little cramped though, and a bit noisy.

Food: The restaurants boasts of its array of Tonkotsu (pork-broth-based ramen), made with noodles that come in different textures (hard, normal, or soft).  Aside from noodle soup dishes, the place also offers other Japanese (-inspired) dishes.  Food here is made with good quality ingredients and is served fresh. 

The taste?  Some were OK, some were a little salty.  Generally, the food was forgettable, taste-wise.

First on our plate was the Tofu Salad (Php 160).  High-grade tofu cubes, served with crisp salad greens, plump tomatoes, and fried wanton confetti, smothered with a mayonnaise-based dressing.  It was delicious.  Good play of textures: crunchy leaves and wanton wrapper bits, juicy tomatoes, velvety tofu.  The dressing's flavor was subtle, like subdued Thousand Island.  There was too much of it though.  No matter how much we loved the dressing, we didn't like having a pool of it.

Next, the Ikkoryu Original Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 330).  Pork broth, high quality noodles, chashu, green onions, wood ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and nori.  It was good...enough.  It was amply savory.  We liked nibbling on the mushrooms and bamboo shoots.  We thought the nori was unnecessary though.  And the chashu was salty!  And speaking of salty, the whole dish was becoming so as it became colder.  Weird, but true.

Next ramen: Special Vegetable Paste Tonkotsu (Php 380).  It's the original Tonkotsu ramen allegedly enhanced by a special vegetable paste.  It was a bowl of sodium.

Along with our ramen, we had some "finger food."  We ordered some Gyoza (Php 150), also known as 6 pieces of tasty-but-not-extraordinary dumplings.  We also had some Karaage (Php 180): 5 pieces of juicy, well-seasoned fried chicken.  Delicious, but a little too oily.  We liked the slaw with the sesame dressing!

Since we ordered chicken, we figured that we should have some rice (because we are Pinoy that way).  We had the Original Yakimeshi (Php 160).  It was also delicious.  Flavor was punctuated, not too salty, not too oily.  We've tasted better though (Kimono Ken's).

For our drink, we just asked for some house tea.  It's served cold, iced.  It was OK; it had nice, deep, woodsy flavor.  Good for rinsing off the saltiness of the ramen.

Price: Considering serving size, taste, and quality, prices are quite reasonable.

Service: Needs improvement.  The waiters were inattentive one minute, and overly eager the next.

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is at the East Wing of the Shangri-La Plaza.

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