Saturday, August 31, 2013

First taste of the Wrong Ramen

So we were walking at Burgos Circle in BGC looking for something hearty for lunch when we chanced upon Wrong Ramen.  We've heard some things about this interesting restaurant, so we decided to give their food a try.

What greeted us was a cute, cozy ramen house with a generally modern design with some quirks here and there.  We were seated on sturdy long-legged chairs by the window, facing a nice wooden counter with a drawer (We kept our phones and wallets inside!) and condiments neatly arranged on the side.  Cute!

We ordered the Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu , a plate of Tofu Katsu, and Poop of the Gods for dessert.

The Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu (Php 395) was a winner.  The noodles were of high quality, the vegetable components (bean sprouts, leeks, onions) were fresh and added vibrancy, and the chashu was flavorful.  But the best part of the dish was the broth; it had the right richness and milkiness.  And the taste?  Punctuated and delicious.  The meat flavor was pronounced but not overpowering-to-the-point-of-being-salty.  It was satisfying.  We couldn't stop sipping!

To have something light to munch on, we had some Tofu Katsu (Php 125).  High-grade tofu with light, crunchy coating, and a sour dipping sauce.  It was O-K, nice contrast of textures.  As for the taste, well, it's not bad, but we've tasted better.

Lastly, our dessert, Poop of the Gods (Php 135).  A blob of Belgian Chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt, sitting on a puddle of olive oil.  Delicious!  Nice mixture of flavors!  We enjoyed the deep, bittersweet taste of the chocolate with the occasional bite of the salt.  And the olive oil made the divine chocolate even silkier to the palate.  YUMMY.

What made our experience more enjoyable was the staff, particularly Ate Terence, our waitress.  She was cheerful and very knowledgeable about the food the place serves.  She was a good representative of the restaurant's alert and friendly crew.

Good food.  Warm welcome and service.  Two right reasons to have more Wrong Ramen.

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