Saturday, July 27, 2013

Croughnuts by Le Cœur de France

The famous bakeshop/patisserie now offers its version of the dessert du jour.

Croughnut, the croissant-doughnut hybrid that comes in three flavors: Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese, Double Belgian Chocolate, and Parmesan Cheese.

The Mixed Berries with Cream Cheese has a blueberry compote topping and some cream cheese as filling.  It's good, delicious.  The compote has a good mixture of tart and sweet, furthered highlighted by the creamy dairy filling.  Nothing is too sweet or overpowering.  it's our favorite.

The Double Belgian Chocolate is topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips, and has a Bavarian cream filling.  This one's OK.  The semisweet chocolate taste blended well with the vanilla flavor of the Bavarian cream.  Again, nothing too saccharine.  The flavors are just right.

The last one, the Parmesan Cheese is the Croughnut with Bavarian-cream filling and generously showered with grated parmesan cheese.  Its flavors are subtle; the cheese is not too sharp, and the filling isn't overpowering.  Good contrast of salty and sweet.

We enjoyed eating the Croughnuts.  Although they were just a little tough, they weren't messy to eat.  And we really loved the authentic flavors.  With one bite, one could sense that each croughnut was of high quality.  Our only complaint?  The price!  Considering the size, these treats are too pricey (Php 89 apiece).

Drop by Le Cœur de France, try a Croughnut, and judge for yourself.

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