Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cookie Butter Doughnut

They're by Krispy Kreme.

Doughnut shells filled with vanilla cookie butter cream, topped with chocolate and sweet bits of choice.  There are two variants: Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter and White Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter.  The first one is dipped in dark chocolate then sprinkled with crushed French Biscuit.  The second, white chocolate, then dappled with Belgian chocolate chips and caramel crisps.

Are they good?  Well, the cream filling is too sweet; it has a nice velvety texture but it's too sweet.  The doughnut itself is OK, fresh and delicious.  The toppings?  Well, the dark chocolate is nice, the white chocolate is a little cringe-inducing and the rest are just ordinary.

A Vanilla Cookie Butter Doughnut costs Php 45.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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