Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nescafé Frappé

The famous coffee brand now offers a line of cold coffee mixes: Frappé!

There are two variants: Choco 'N Mallows and Cookies 'N Cream.  So what you do is you mix the powder with cold water, add some ice, and put the toppings.

Choco 'N Mallows is a chocolate-flavored drink that comes with a pack of mini-marshmallows.  It's delicious.  The sweetness is just right and the chocolate flavor is pronounced.  And mallows are yummy too.  The drink also has good consistency, velvety.

Cookies 'N Cream is cold coffee topped with cookie bits.  It's good too; the drink is amply bittersweet.  The cookies bits are equally delicious, almost brownie-tasting, and complement the drink really well.

All in all, Frappé is a delicious drink that provides instant refreshment.


Try these new Nescafé concoctions and judge for yourself.

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  1. I bought the cookies and cream! So excited to try :)