Saturday, June 22, 2013

First sip at Bobba Jelly

We were in UP Diliman one scorching afternoon and decided to have some milk tea to beat the heat.  We heard there's a milk tea shop inside the campus called Bobba Jelly, and that their drinks are good.  So we decided to stop by and try their concoctions.

We asked the bubbly store attendant what the bestsellers are.  She told us to try the Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon.  So we bought that and one more, a Caramel Milk Tea.  Then she asked if we want our drinks "iced" (i.e., with ice cubes) or "slush" (i.e., with crushed ice).  We had our first drink "slush" and the other iced.  Then she added that our drinks came with one free add-on.  We chose tapioca pearls for the wintermelon and none for the caramel.

The Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon (Php 100) was O-K; sure, the tea itself was delicious and the rock salt & cheese mixture was a good complement, but it's the chocolate syrup that made the drink a little overpowering to the taste.  The treat became too delicious, nakakaumay.  As for the tapioca pearls, well, they were cooked well, chewy, and of high quality.

The Caramel Milk Tea (Php 60) was good.  It had deep burnt sugar flavor that good caramel has (others just have white sugary-tasting caramel).  The drink also had the right amount of sweetness and had good consistency.

Despite our experience with their bestseller, we figured we would go back to have some more milk tea.  Bobba Jelly has a long list of drinks and we would be glad to try most of them, if not all.  

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