Sunday, June 9, 2013

First bite at Slappy Cakes

We were at Eastwood one afternoon and decided to go to Slappy Cakes, a restaurant famous for its make-your-own pancakes and other breakfast fare.

So we sit down and ponder over the batter: there are several pancake batters to choose from: Buttermilk, Peanut Butter, Vegan, etc.  We picked Vegan (Php 260) for it is the blandest of all the mixes.  With one bottle of the batter, one can make 5-6 pancakes.

Then we picked our toppings.  We chose Chocolate Chips (Php 45), Blueberries (Php 75), and Bacon (Php 80).  Finally, the syrup: Maple (Php 45).

Time to make the pancakes!  So each dining table has a griddle for cooking the cakes.  So one squirts some batter, put some toppings, squirt more batter to seal the ingredients, wait for the mixture to have bubbles, flip, wait some more, then serve!

The pancake itself was amply flavorful; it was buttery and sweet enough.  The toppings were delicious!  They were all fun to nibble at!  The chocolate chips were of high quality and not too sugary sweet.  The bacon was smoky, tasty, good.  And the blueberries had the right amount of tartness.

The maple syrup was OK; it was delicious but not mind-blowing.

By the way, about the place: it was clean, well lighted, a little too noisy, and had a few flies.

The waiters were knowledgeable about their product and were alert.  Wish they would smile more, though.

Slappy Cakes is at Eastwood City.

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