Saturday, June 8, 2013


We were in the grocery one afternoon when we chanced upon a free-taste booth by Delimondo.  They were asking people to try the two Delimondo Corned Beef variants and the Delimondo Luncheon Meat.  We're people, we like food, the food was free, so try, we did.

Delimondo Corned Beef (Php 156) has two flavors: Ranch Style and Garlic and Chili.  Both had very juicy and meaty beef shreds.  The first flavor was the typical salty corned beef, not much different from the other brands in the market.  The second one was delicious!  It had the right amount of garlic flavor (not too pungent), and the heat was just right, just enough to whet the appetite.

The Delimondo Luncheon Meat was O-K.  It was meaty, flavorful, and not too salty.  But its taste didn't blow us away; it wasn't memorable enough to make us buy a can.

Delimondo is available at Robinsons Magnolia's supermarket.

Try it and judge for yourself.

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