Sunday, June 16, 2013


Place: Rustic, serene, beautiful.  We liked the sturdy and spacious wooden tables and chairs, as well as the manmade pond with cascading water.  The table setting and Asian decor were notable.

Food: Generally delicious.  We ordered the Tom Yum, Prawns with Garlic and Pepper, Beef Basil, Chicken Cashew Nuts, and the Phad Thai.  For dessert, we ordered the Sticky Rice with Mango, and for drinks, a Green Mango Shake, a Dalandan Shake, a Crimson Berry Iced Tea, and a Passion Iced Tea.

The Tom Yum (Php 298) was really good.  The sourness was just right, so was the strength of the herbs.  The broth was not too overpowering for the palate.  And the seafood pieces were tender and fresh, very fresh.

Next, Prawns with Garlic and Pepper (Php 375).  The prawns were well cooked and still tender.  The sauce was not too spicy; it had enough flavor and pungency to whet the appetite.

The Beef Basil (Php 355) had slices of Wagyu beef, sautéed with vegetables and fried basil leaves.  This was another good dish.  The beef was sweet, juicy, and very tasty.  The vegetable were still crisp and seasoned perfectly.  The fried basil, which we thought would bring too much flavor, complemented the beef really well.

The Chicken Cashew (Php 295): breaded fried chicken with a sweet-spicy sauce and a generous amount of cashew nuts.  The sauce was a little salty.  We liked the different textures though, provided by the juicy chicken, the crisp cashew, and the thick sauce.

The Phad Thai (Php 325) was a winner!  Firm glass noodles, fresh shrimp, high quality tofu, nutty sauce, fresh, crunchy bean sprouts, all part of one DELICIOUS dish.  Just a squeeze a lemon and a dash of red chili flakes, and we were gorging!

Our dessert, the Sticky Rice with Mango (Php 130) was a delight!  It's well-made suman, with delicious coconut cream, and fresh, juicy, sweet, heavenly slices of ripe mango.  It's a good cap to a really satisfying meal.

As for the drinks, the Dalandan Shake (Php 95) was the best; it had authentic citrus flavor.  The Green Mango Shake (Php 95) was O-K.  The Crimson Berry Iced Tea (Php 190) tasted like cough syrup, and the Passion Iced Tea (Php 95) was a letdown; its taste wasn't punctuated.

Must eats: Phad Thai, Tom Yum, Beef Basil, Sticky Rice with Mango

Price: Considering food quality and taste, prices are acceptable (read: pricey but worth it).

Service: Waiters were attentive, alert, and friendly.

Basil is along Katipunan Road, inside Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City.

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