Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodies from Monfort's Kitchen

Some Macaroons and Fudgy Bonbons y'all!

The Macaroons from Monfort's Kitchen are absolutely delicious.  They're made with 100% desiccated coconut, so one can really taste the nutty flavor.  Plus they're so moist!  They're perfect with coffee!

The Fudgy Bonbons are cute mini chocolate cakes that melt in the mouth!  They have the perfect semi-sweet flavor that good chocolate dessert should have.

Monfort's Kitchen has more treats, like leche flan and a decadent chocolate cake. Visit their corner at the Eastwood Weekend Market inside the Eastwood Mall.

Friday, June 28, 2013


There's a new sizzling sandwich in town!  Presenting, the McSpicy!

Crispy breaded chicken fillet that's oozing with heat, nestling between soft buns along with some lettuce and mayo.

It's delicious!  The chicken was fried perfectly.  And the heat of the fillet wasn't too overpowering; it was just right, enough to whet the appetite and not dull the taste buds.  The crisp lettuce added some freshness and vibrancy and the mayo helped in tempering the heat a little.  Good combination of tastes and textures!

It's one of McDonalds's best sandwiches yet.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet Black Rice Bread from Tous Les Jours

Soft mochi-type bread, with a cream cheese filling, dappled with black sesame seeds.

Sounds yummy, right?  Well, it is.  The bread is well-seasoned, not too bland, just right.  The cream cheese filling has the perfect balance of tanginess and sugary sweetness; its flavor is punctuated.  The sesame seeds add the needed depth and nutty flavor.

The Sweet Black Rice Bread costs Php 48 per piece.

Drop by Tous Les Jours and try this treat!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Fries

Another potato snack by Jack 'n Jill.  French fries-looking treat that comes in two flavors: Cheese and BBQ.

Was it good?  Well, O-K.  Sure, the fries were crunchy, but the flavors weren't authentic.  The cheese flavor was too subtle to merit the label Cheese.  As for the BBQ variant, it was too salty.  And it lacked the smoky element of real barbecue taste.

All in all, this treat wasn't fun to eat.

Try Fun Fries and judge for yourself.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

First sip at Bobba Jelly

We were in UP Diliman one scorching afternoon and decided to have some milk tea to beat the heat.  We heard there's a milk tea shop inside the campus called Bobba Jelly, and that their drinks are good.  So we decided to stop by and try their concoctions.

We asked the bubbly store attendant what the bestsellers are.  She told us to try the Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon.  So we bought that and one more, a Caramel Milk Tea.  Then she asked if we want our drinks "iced" (i.e., with ice cubes) or "slush" (i.e., with crushed ice).  We had our first drink "slush" and the other iced.  Then she added that our drinks came with one free add-on.  We chose tapioca pearls for the wintermelon and none for the caramel.

The Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon (Php 100) was O-K; sure, the tea itself was delicious and the rock salt & cheese mixture was a good complement, but it's the chocolate syrup that made the drink a little overpowering to the taste.  The treat became too delicious, nakakaumay.  As for the tapioca pearls, well, they were cooked well, chewy, and of high quality.

The Caramel Milk Tea (Php 60) was good.  It had deep burnt sugar flavor that good caramel has (others just have white sugary-tasting caramel).  The drink also had the right amount of sweetness and had good consistency.

Despite our experience with their bestseller, we figured we would go back to have some more milk tea.  Bobba Jelly has a long list of drinks and we would be glad to try most of them, if not all.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ang Itlog ni Kuya

Sa daang Katipunan, sa loob ng baranggay ng White Plains, matatagpuan ang Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya, isang bilihan ng mga masasarap na itlog na maalat.

Ang Itlog ni Kuya ay organic, hindi masyadong maalat, hindi durugin, at hindi maanta.  Maganda siyang ihalo sa kamatis bilang kasama ng anumang pritong pagkain, o ipalaman sa tinapay dahil ito'y malasa.

Sa madaling salita, masarap ang Itlog ni Kuya.

Ang isang itlog ay PHp 15. 

May balot din si Kuya: malaking ang pula at maliit ang sisiw.  Masarap din!

Halina't subukan ang Itlog ni Kuya!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

3 Cows Milk Tea

A new drink from Hacienda Macalauan, the maker of delicious yogurt.

No need to line up for several minutes just to have some refreshing Winter melon milk tea.  One can simply go to the refreshments section of the supermarket and grab a carton of 3 Cows Milk Tea.

The drink is delicious, not too sweet, and bursting with authentic winter melon flavor.  It also has good consistency, creamy but not too thick.  It actually rivals those of the top milk tea places.  

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Place: Rustic, serene, beautiful.  We liked the sturdy and spacious wooden tables and chairs, as well as the manmade pond with cascading water.  The table setting and Asian decor were notable.

Food: Generally delicious.  We ordered the Tom Yum, Prawns with Garlic and Pepper, Beef Basil, Chicken Cashew Nuts, and the Phad Thai.  For dessert, we ordered the Sticky Rice with Mango, and for drinks, a Green Mango Shake, a Dalandan Shake, a Crimson Berry Iced Tea, and a Passion Iced Tea.

The Tom Yum (Php 298) was really good.  The sourness was just right, so was the strength of the herbs.  The broth was not too overpowering for the palate.  And the seafood pieces were tender and fresh, very fresh.

Next, Prawns with Garlic and Pepper (Php 375).  The prawns were well cooked and still tender.  The sauce was not too spicy; it had enough flavor and pungency to whet the appetite.

The Beef Basil (Php 355) had slices of Wagyu beef, sautéed with vegetables and fried basil leaves.  This was another good dish.  The beef was sweet, juicy, and very tasty.  The vegetable were still crisp and seasoned perfectly.  The fried basil, which we thought would bring too much flavor, complemented the beef really well.

The Chicken Cashew (Php 295): breaded fried chicken with a sweet-spicy sauce and a generous amount of cashew nuts.  The sauce was a little salty.  We liked the different textures though, provided by the juicy chicken, the crisp cashew, and the thick sauce.

The Phad Thai (Php 325) was a winner!  Firm glass noodles, fresh shrimp, high quality tofu, nutty sauce, fresh, crunchy bean sprouts, all part of one DELICIOUS dish.  Just a squeeze a lemon and a dash of red chili flakes, and we were gorging!

Our dessert, the Sticky Rice with Mango (Php 130) was a delight!  It's well-made suman, with delicious coconut cream, and fresh, juicy, sweet, heavenly slices of ripe mango.  It's a good cap to a really satisfying meal.

As for the drinks, the Dalandan Shake (Php 95) was the best; it had authentic citrus flavor.  The Green Mango Shake (Php 95) was O-K.  The Crimson Berry Iced Tea (Php 190) tasted like cough syrup, and the Passion Iced Tea (Php 95) was a letdown; its taste wasn't punctuated.

Must eats: Phad Thai, Tom Yum, Beef Basil, Sticky Rice with Mango

Price: Considering food quality and taste, prices are acceptable (read: pricey but worth it).

Service: Waiters were attentive, alert, and friendly.

Basil is along Katipunan Road, inside Brgy. White Plains, Quezon City.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kit Kat's Chunky 3 Cookies and Cream

I was doing my lunch grocery when I saw this interesting variant of Kit Kat near the counter. I wanted to end my lunch with something sweet, so I decided to give it a try.

It's called Chunky 3 because it has 3 portions: Smooth, Crunchy, and Gooey. You'll have the Kit Kat wafers and then a layer of cookies & cream on top and then everything is covered with chocolate.

The chocolate and the wafers are delicious. Didn't taste much of the Cookies and Cream until I got to the Chunky part, though. Still, if you are a fan of Kit Kat, it's worthy.

Kit Kat Chunky 3 Cookies and Cream is at ~2.20 AUD each.

Jack 'n Jill Cheezy Crispers

It's Jack 'n Jill's version of Clover Chips.  And we must say, they were able to copy it to a T.  From the crunch, the taste, the saltiness...Really, Clover Chips!

Try it and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KFC Chicken Burger Steak

The famous fried chicken chain now offers another affordable meal: the Chicken Burger Steak.

A fried chicken patty smothered with gravy and served with rice.

The patty, although as thin as a coaster, was savory enough.  It had more chicken flavor than the KFC Chicken Chop.  But again, it was thin.  Too thin actually to be satisfying.  

The gravy was a little starchy, but tasty enough.  Puwede na.

An order costs Php 39.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nescafé Frappé

The famous coffee brand now offers a line of cold coffee mixes: Frappé!

There are two variants: Choco 'N Mallows and Cookies 'N Cream.  So what you do is you mix the powder with cold water, add some ice, and put the toppings.

Choco 'N Mallows is a chocolate-flavored drink that comes with a pack of mini-marshmallows.  It's delicious.  The sweetness is just right and the chocolate flavor is pronounced.  And mallows are yummy too.  The drink also has good consistency, velvety.

Cookies 'N Cream is cold coffee topped with cookie bits.  It's good too; the drink is amply bittersweet.  The cookies bits are equally delicious, almost brownie-tasting, and complement the drink really well.

All in all, Frappé is a delicious drink that provides instant refreshment.


Try these new Nescafé concoctions and judge for yourself.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nescafé Cappuccino

The famous coffee brand offers a new variant: the Nescafé Cappuccino.

It's frothy coffee!  But does it taste good?  Hmmm, it's O-K.  It needs more coffee flavor, more depth. But its sweetness is just right.

It also has good consistency but lacks a tad more froth.

By the way, the drink comes with a small pack of chocolate sprinkles.  Are the sprinkles delicious?  Well, they taste like Milo.

Try the new Nescafé Cappuccino and judge for yourself.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

First bite at Slappy Cakes

We were at Eastwood one afternoon and decided to go to Slappy Cakes, a restaurant famous for its make-your-own pancakes and other breakfast fare.

So we sit down and ponder over the batter: there are several pancake batters to choose from: Buttermilk, Peanut Butter, Vegan, etc.  We picked Vegan (Php 260) for it is the blandest of all the mixes.  With one bottle of the batter, one can make 5-6 pancakes.

Then we picked our toppings.  We chose Chocolate Chips (Php 45), Blueberries (Php 75), and Bacon (Php 80).  Finally, the syrup: Maple (Php 45).

Time to make the pancakes!  So each dining table has a griddle for cooking the cakes.  So one squirts some batter, put some toppings, squirt more batter to seal the ingredients, wait for the mixture to have bubbles, flip, wait some more, then serve!

The pancake itself was amply flavorful; it was buttery and sweet enough.  The toppings were delicious!  They were all fun to nibble at!  The chocolate chips were of high quality and not too sugary sweet.  The bacon was smoky, tasty, good.  And the blueberries had the right amount of tartness.

The maple syrup was OK; it was delicious but not mind-blowing.

By the way, about the place: it was clean, well lighted, a little too noisy, and had a few flies.

The waiters were knowledgeable about their product and were alert.  Wish they would smile more, though.

Slappy Cakes is at Eastwood City.