Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza

It's the latest pizza variant from Shakey's.

On paper: tasty chicken barbecue pieces, red onions, cheddar cheese, smoky barbecue sauce, and cilantro pesto, all on top of the pizza parlor's signature crispy thin crust.

Reality: the chicken pieces were indeed tasty, well seasoned.  The red onions were sweet.  The cheddar cheese had the right sharpness.  The barbecue sauce wasn't smoky but sweet-tangy.  And the cilantro pesto barely had cilantro flavor.

Was there false advertising somewhere?  Well, try the pizza and you be the judge.

Don't get us wrong: we liked the pizza; we found it delicious.  But the pizza described on the poster wasn't really the same pizza we ate.  Just saying...

An order of the Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza costs Php 255. 

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