Saturday, May 25, 2013

First taste of Pan-Tea

Who wants to taste Pan-Tea?  Apparently, we do.

So we stopped by Pan-Tea, a milk tea place along Matalino St., Quezon City.  We asked the attendants what they would recommend for first timers and they told us to try the House Pan-Tea and Juicy Couture.

The House Pan-Tea (Php 110) is a winter melon-based milk tea with rock salt and cheese.  It was delicious!  It had a good balance of flavors.  And the drink had good consistency.

Juicy Coutour (Php 70) is a lychee-flavored tea that comes with taro balls.  It's also good.  The fruit flavor was really pronounced and the drink wasn't too sugary sweet.  Some of the taro balls though weren't cooked well; they were grainy, not chewy.

Pan-Tea also sells coffee and savory dishes.  Too bad we weren't hungry when we paid a visit.  

A second trip is in order.

Go ahead, have a taste of Pan-Tea!

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