Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes, Singapore

One of the best cupcake places we've ever tried in Singapore is the Plain Vanilla Bakery. They now have two branches: one in Holland Village and another in Yong Siak street near Outram Park.

Our favorite flavors from this bakery are the Red Velvet & the Salted Caramel cupcakes. We love their cupcakes because the cakes are soft, moist & have the right amount of sweetness. The frosting on top of the cupcakes is delicious, too!

This weekend, aside from the Red Velvet & Salted Caramel, we also tried the Milk Chocolate Chip & the Raspberry cupcakes. The Chocolate Chip cupcake was absolutely delicious, with each bite filled with tons of tiny chocolate chips. We loved how tangy the raspberry cupcake was, too.

So, if ever you are in Singapore and had a craving for something sweet, try out Plain Vanilla Bakery's delicious cupcakes! For 19 SGD, you'll get a box of 6! Check out their website for more info!


Photos also posted in here.

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