Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream

We were at the mall one morning and dropped by New Zealand Natural to try their ice cream.  We were able to taste some flavors and bestsellers, and here are our comments:

Spotty Dog: Vanilla and chocolate ice creams teeming with chocolate chips.  We found it too sweet.  It would've been better had the chocolate ice cream been bitter, for depth and contrast.

Macadamia Supreme: Macadamia ice cream with chopped Australian macadamia nuts.  Also too sweet.  We sensed more sugary flavor than macadamia.

Hokey Pokey: Honeycomb ice cream dappled with mini butterscotch balls.  Too sweet, almost cringe-inducing.  But the butterscotch bits were fun to nibble at.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Delicious!  Flavors were authentic.  We loved the tartness of the ice cream itself and the sweetness of the biscuit.

Café Espresso: Another delicious variant!  A must-eat for coffee lovers!  The marriage of the bitter coffee flavor and the sugary sweetness was a delight to the palate!


Mocha Almond Fudge: Mocha ice cream with fudge and chopped almonds.  The mocha ice cream was good.  And we loved the fresh, crisp almonds!  But the fudge was just a tad too much.  Too sweet, nakakaumay.

New Zealand Natural ice cream boasts imported, all-natural ingredients.  As for us, we didn't find anything extraordinary about it.  Because of that, we found it overpriced (Regular size, Php 95; Kiddie size, Php 75). And yeah, we found hair in one of our ice cream variants.

Try them and judge for yourself.

New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream is at the Health and Wellness Area of SM Megamall, 5th floor, Building A.

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