Sunday, April 7, 2013

A small bite of Chuck's Deli

We were at Eastwood one morning and decided to have some sandwiches for brunch.  We chanced upon Chuck's Deli giant menu and got enticed by their fare.

We asked our attendant for her recommendation and she suggested that we try the Reuben Slabwich.  So we did.  And we chose the Chorizo Burger, just because we want to.  Hehe.  For sides, we chose Onion Rings and Potato Chips, the only two options.  Then we had a glass of Raspberry Iced Tea Slush because it's just too damn hot that day!

The Reuben [Slabwich] (Php 355 for 1/2 slab): Angus corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, with a mustard & spicy garlic sauce, all nestling between fresh ciabatta.  It's delicious!  The meat was tender and well seasoned, and the sauerkraut and sauce combination added just the right tang and kick.  And the cheese provided the necessary subtle saltiness.  YUMMY!

The Chorizo Burger (Php 245): spicy chorizo patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo mustard, and Chuck's Deli special sauce.  Also delicious!  The patty was packed with flavor and meat!  And the mixture of sauces complemented the strong flavor of the chorizo.  There was a good marriage of flavors; no one ingredient was overpowering the others.

The Onion Rings were yummy!  The onions were sweet and fried well with a light batter and Japanese bread crumbs.  The Potato Chips were also a delight to eat; the chips were thin, well-seasoned, and not oily.  

The Raspberry Iced Tea Slush (Php 75) was cough syrup in a glass.  Flavor was too artificial.  Good thing it's served super cold and refreshing, kaya puwede nang tiisin.

By the way, we liked the look of the place; it's pretty cool!  Modern furnishings with a big splash of red.  Very inviting!

Based on our first experience here, we would definitely go back to Chuck's Deli.

Chuck's Deli is at the Eastwood Mall.

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