Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nissin Pasta Express

Nissin offers some spaghetti in an instant with its latest product: Pasta Express.  It comes in two flavors, Sweet Filipino Style and Creamy Carbonara.

Good points: the two variants are delicious.  Their flavors were authentic.  The Sweet Filipino Style lived up to its name; it's sweet and cheesy.  Good combination of flavors!  The Creamy Carbonara was even better.  It had the right balance of smoky and dairy flavors.  It actually rivals those of fast food restaurants.

Not so good point: the noodles were a little soggy.  Despite being cooked according to package directions, they come out a tad soft and mushy.

Try Pasta Express and judge for yourself. 


  1. I didn't look at the price tag. But I'm guessing a pack costs much less than Php 30.

  2. A pack costs about Php11.

  3. Not bad for a P10 instant spaghetti/carbonara. The spaghetti tastes good specially when you put real cheese on it. I love the taste of their carbonara - I prefer the taste than the original carbonara. Yeah, the noodles are soggy no matter, I might try using the real pasta next time.

  4. I like my instant noodles/instant pasta gourmet-style so today, as I try this instant carbonara for the first time I added toasted chopped bacon.
    Next time I think I will also add an egg/yolk to the mix. Will continue to experiment and explore variations.