Sunday, December 30, 2012

Melona Mango Ice Bar

We were craving for some fruity dessert one afternoon and we saw a freezer full of Melona ice bars.  There were many fruit flavors to choose from.  But since we love mangoes, we picked the mango-flavored Melona.

The Melona ice bar was O-K, nothing really special about it, taste wise.  Its flavors were pronounced and authentic enough.  A little too sweet though.  But we liked how it melted easily and not messily.

A bar costs Php 29.  Try it.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mango Sago from the Mango Farm

We were in the mall one afternoon craving for a quick snack.  We chanced upon The Mango Farm's kiosk and got intrigued by one of their products, Mango Sago (Php 45, 16oz).  And since we LOVE mangoes, we decided to give it a try.

Crushed ice, juicy ripe mango cubes, mini tapioca balls, milk, and syrup. Sounds delicious, right?  Well it is.  The dessert has the right sweetness and a good mélange of flavors.  And imagine the textures: chewy tapioca, soft mangoes, crisp ice, velvety milk. YUMMY!

Try The Mango Farm's Mango Sago and judge for yourself.

The Mango Farm is on the 1st floor of SM City Marikina.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Yang Chow Dim sum & Teahouse

We were craving Chinese food one Sunday, so we dropped by the newly opened Yang Chow Dim sum and Teahouse along Marcos Highway in Antipolo.

Place: Beautifully furnished and classy.  The chairs are comfortable and the dining table, spacious.

Food: Food is O-K, commonplace, nothing special.  We ordered the Squash Seafood Soup, Tausi Chicken Feet, Shark's fin dumpling, Shrimp siomai, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, Fried Squid w/ Salt and Pepper, Shanghai Spring Rolls, Sizzling Beef Tenderloin, and some Almond Jelly w/ Lychee.

First, the soup: the Squash Seafood Soup (Php 200) was delicious.  It's hearty and satisfying.  It has bits of shrimp, fish, and mushrooms, plus vermicelli.  What we found odd though was the squash part; sure, the soup was yellow, but there's no squash flavor, not even a hint.  Despite that, we recommend this soup for it is yummy.

Next, the dim sum: the Tausi Chicken Feet (Php 65) was bland.  The Shark's fin dumpling (Php 65) was ordinary, taste wise.  The Shrimp siomai (Php 65)? Salty.

The Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 180) was O-K.  It wasn't too oily.  But the taste was ordinary, forgettable.  One would think that they'd serve fantastic Yang Chow considering that the restaurant bears the name of the dish, but no.

The Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu (Php 300) was also just O-K.  The fish we had was too thin but was perfectly fried.  There was too much of the sauce, which by the way was a tad salty and lacked acidity to become a good sweet and sour sauce.  The Fried Squid w/ Salt and Pepper (Php 220) was a winner.  The squid pieces were tender and perfectly seasoned.  And we loved the garlic-chili topping!  Twas bursting with flavor!

The Shanghai Spring Rolls (Php 200) were O-K.  Each piece was golden and packed with filling.  Speaking of the filling, it was all meat, well seasoned, but we've tasted much better shanghai rolls (Luyong Restaurant in Marikina).  The Sizzling Beef Tenderloin (Php 280) was, again, O-K.  The beef slices were really tender, but they were overly smothered with a sauce that tasted like ketchup.  A tinge of citrus flavor would've brought home the flavor.

Lastly, the dessert: the Almond Jelly w/ Lychee (Php 60) was delicious.  The cherry flavor wasn't too overpowering.  The jelly cubes were fun to nibble at, and of course, we've always loved munching on lychees.

Must-eats: Squash Seafood Soup, Fried Squid w/ Salt and Pepper, Almond Jelly w/ Lychee

Price: Considering taste, food quality, and serving size, the dishes are a tad too pricey.

Service: The waiters were not knowledgable about the food offered by the restaurant.   They were also slow.  And some looked pissed.

Yang Chow Dim Sum and Teahouse is along Marcos Highway, Antipolo City.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of the Philippines: Mangoes & Cream

Another delicious frozen delight from Magnolia!  Presenting Mangoes & Cream, featuring the yummy mangoes of Guimaras!

Heavenly combination of mango and vanilla ice creams, dappled with bits of (Graham?) crackers.  This one's a winner!  The sweetness is just right and the fruity flavor is authentic.  And of course, since it's from Magnolia, expect smooth, velvety ice cream.

Try it now and judge for yourself!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Delicious instant cappuccino from Kopiko y'all!

Kopiccino is creamy, has the right amount of foam, and, the most important, it's delicious.  There's a good balance of sweet, dairy, and bitter flavors.  And the Choco Granules add another layer of yummy depth. 

Arguably, it's the best instant coffee mix out there. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo Pearl Milk Tea

Some refreshing milk tea y'all!

Tokyo Tokyo presents its own line of Pearl Milk Tea. Creamy milk tea, with red jelly and tapioca balls.  The drink has a delicious balance of earthy [imported] tea, dairy, and the chosen flavors.  The red jelly adds a hint of sweetness, and the tapioca balls are just fun to nibble at.

There are many flavors to choose from.  We recommend you try Vanilla to better appreciate the mélange of tastes.

Go to Tokyo Tokyo and have a cup of yummy Pearl Milk Tea.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


An American classic y'all!

Soft, golden cakes filled with good ol' fashioned cream.

Are the Twinkies good?  Hmmm, they're O-K, ordinary.  Sure, the cakes are fresh and soft, not to mention appetizing to the eyes, but their taste is forgettable.  And so is the cream.  A little more sweetness, with a hint of salt, would've made things better.  Oh well.

Twinkies are available in the US.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Marca Piña Soyaghetti

There's a new spaghetti sauce in town!

Presenting Soyaghetti, a soy-based pasta sauce.  With this innovation, Marca Piña is hoping to change our pasta habits, urging us to try something new, something different, something not red.

Soyaghetti has soy, black beans, and sugar as its main ingredients.  And how does it taste?  It's too sweet.  In fact, the sweetness overpowers everything.  We were able to try it at a food tasting kiosk in a grocery.  It was used with spaghetti, chicken bits, peanuts, and spring onions.  And yes, the sweetness was dominant.  Maybe Marca Piña made it so because of the Filipino palate's penchant for sugary flavors.  But it's just a tad too much.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


We were in the mall earlier and we were looking for some delicious dessert after a hearty lunch.  We spotted FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) and decided to try their frozen treats.

It was our first time at FIC so we asked the cashier what their bestsellers are.  They made us taste Pistachio, Strawberry, Double Dutch, and their new flavor, Blueberry. We bought the Double Dutch and Blueberry.    

FIC ice cream has good texture, smooth and creamy.

The Pistachio, although teeming with nuts, tasted too artificial.  The Strawberry was O-K; it wasn't too sweet and didn't taste like cough syrup.

The Double Dutch ice cream was delicious.  There was a good balance of flavors; the chocolate syrup wasn't overpowering the vanilla component.  And we loved munching on the cashew nuts!

The Blueberry was also yummy!  There was a good mixture of sweetness and tartness.  And we liked that the blueberries were fresh and not of the preserved kind.

A cup of ice cream costs Php 65. 

Next time you're craving for dessert, pick FIC! 

FIC is on Level 3 of Robinsons Magnolia.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Lemon Square Cheesy Mamon

Soft, buttery, and cheesy, with just a hint of artificial flavor.

The Lemon Square Cheesy Mamon is the mamon version of their addictive Cheese Cupcake, only with a tad more butter flavor.  We think this will be a hit with kids.

Perfect partner: coffee.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ilocos Chichacorn Cheese

We were in the grocery one time, looking for alternatives to potato chips.  We saw a bag of Ilocos Chichacorn Cheese and decided to give it a try.  

Ilocos Chichacorn has well cooked corn bits.  Problem is, they're not well seasoned, bland.  And the cheese powder's flavor is not punctuated.  In fact, it's more buttery than cheesy (Weird, I know.).  Oh well...

Try it and judge for yourself.