Sunday, July 15, 2012

Army Navy

Place: Clean, well-lighted, has modern, simple furnishings, colors and design are cool. The kitchen is organized and spotless.

Finally, we got the chance to try food from Army Navy. We asked the waiters what their bestsellers are. They told us to try their burgers and burritos. And try we did. We ordered the Double Burger, the Steak Burrito with extra cheese, some Chicken Quesadillas, Freedom Fries, and the Libertea iced tea.

First, the Double Burger: two quarter pound patties, nestling between fresh buns along with veggies and condiments. This one's O-K. It's delicious sure, but there's nothing special about it. Its taste can be copied by a hundred other burgers out there. We liked the moistness of the patties though, and the fact that they were well seasoned.

Next, the Steak Burrito with extra cheese. Now this one's delicious. Juicy meat, fresh vegetables, puffy rice, soft tortilla wrap, tasty sauce, and cheese, cheese, cheese!. YUMMY! Flavors were balanced, no one taste was overpowering the others. And one order was very satisfying, both to the palate and the tummy.

The Chicken Quesadillas were O-K. The meat was just a little bland. We loved the quality of the tortilla though, and the freshness of the ingredients.

Next, the Freedom Fries. Now these ones, we loved. Not too salty, and with some kick! We couldn't get enough of them! Our only complaint was that the fries were cut too thin. Kakabitin! Haha!

The Libertea iced tea was delicious. It's freshly brewed tea, not the powder, sugary sweet kind. It had depth flavor wise; it was a little robust and earthy.

Must-eats: Steak Burrito with extra cheese, Freedom Fries, Libertea

Price: Considering taste and serving size, prices are reasonable.

Service: OK. The waiters were knowledgable about the products. The resto adopts a self-service style however; you're given a number, you wait for your number to be called, then you get your food from the counter.

Go to an Army Navy branch and try these treats!

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