Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucky Me Supreme Jjamppong

Instant Korean-style spicy seafood noodle soup.

Good points: the noodles are of good quality. They don't get soggy easily and they have a bite to them.

Not-so-good points: The taste is ordinary, forgettable. We know it's just an instant noodle dish but my God, the product should at least match the marketing hype. Lucky Me Supreme Jjamppong tastes like Nissin's Seafood Cup: mostly salt, inauthentic. The only difference is Lucky Me's is hotter, much hotter.

Well, at least the heat of this noodle soup will keep us warm during those cold, rainy nights.

Try it and judge for yourself.


  1. try Nongshim korean cup noodles!!

  2. try niyo po yung chicken dak galbi with noodle ng yoogane, masarap po, lalo na if you want to eat spicy food. they are located at Il terrazzo tomas morato