Friday, March 2, 2012

My Pao for Php 50

One time, I was in a mall and had only Php 50 left for lunch. So I went to the food court, scouting for something delicious and affordable. I stopped at My Pao and asked the cashier what I could buy for 50 bucks. She told me that for such a small amount, I could have 4 pieces of pork dumpling, a big serving of Teriyaki fried rice, and free soup. Whoa! For real?! That much food for Php 50?! Game!

How was the 50-peso meal? Well, the dumplings were good enough; they were meaty and weren't bland. The wanton wrapper though was falling apart. But hey, I love dumplings so I didn't really care that much. The fried rice? Delicious! It wasn't exactly teriyaki (it didn't have the right sweetness) but I loved the garlicky flavor (I know: garlicky?!). The soup? It was tasty, had bits of meat and a hint of freshness from the spring onions. Twas perfect for revving the appetite.

If you find yourself in a similar situation (almost no money but super hungry), drop by My Pao and try this satisfying Php 50 meal.

My Pao is on the 3rd floor of SM Marikina.

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  1. cheap lunch ha :) sana may ganyan sa ibang mall...