Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magnum (Almond)

It is Selecta's latest offering.

Magnum is vanilla ice cream on a stick, with a Belgian milk chocolate shell. There are two variants: Classic and Almond. We picked Almond.

How is it? Well, the ice cream is bland. And the chocolate shell? We find it too sweet. Then again, Belgian milk chocolate really tastes that way --- almost cringe-worthy sweet and a tad too rich (We prefer slightly bitter chocolate). And the almond bits? Honestly, we doubt if they are really almonds, for they're too bland to be so. We barely sense any nutty flavor.

One Magnum Almond costs Php 50. Too pricey for ice cream, right? For that amount, we expect really good vanilla ice cream, a delicious and slightly bitter chocolate shell (just like the one used for Pinipig Crunch), and flavorful almonds.

Our advice: skip this one.

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