Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pan de Amerikana

Place: We loved the rustic decor of the place: suspended tree branches, potted plants, a small wooden bridge over a wishing pond. We also appreciated the tinge of quirkiness, what with the upside down piano, chairs, and tables stuck to the ceiling, as well as the inverted facade of the restaurant. We just wished that the dining chairs and tables were more stable and spacious.

Food: Food was generally delicious and fresh. We ordered the Everlasting Llanera (Php 170), Fresh Lumpia (Php 40), Pinaputok na Tilapia with Rice (Php 75), and their famous 1950s Pan de sal.

The Everlasting Llanera was O-K. It was a tad too moist, a little watery. And it crumbled too easily. And it lacked some ingredients that an authentic Everlasting has: hardboiled eggs, sausages, and bell peppers. Its taste was amply satisfying. It made for good filling for the pan de sal.

Speaking of filling, the pan de sal was the one that gave us satisfaction. Just one piece of this delicious pan de sal, which is made of wheat flour, brown sugar, and organic salt, made our tummies full and happy. Baked with firewood, the bread had hints of that rustic, burnt taste. Its softness was also just right.

Another dish that made us happy was the Pinaputok na Tilapia with Rice. Imagine, for Php 75, we had a perfectly cooked fish with a VERY TASTY fried rice. That's what we enjoyed eating actually, the fried rice. Its taste was punctuated and it wasn't too oily.

Lastly, the Fresh Lumpia. The nutty, soy-based sauce was delicious, so was the ubod-based filling. We wished though that there were more filling and less of the wrapper. The lumpia wrapper just was too thick!

Must-eats: Fried rice, pan de sal

Price: Considering serving size, taste, and quality, food here is pretty cheap.

Service: OK. Wished that the waiters would smile though.

Pan de Amerikana is located along Katipunan Ave., Quezon City (going to White Plains).

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